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Sunday, September 7, 2008

展示会公募(英語)Call for 4-panel Art exhibhition

Call for Artworks

4-Panel Manga Public Art Exhibition:
Through Children’s Eyes:
What’s Going on in Our (Youth) World??

We invite you to participate in the following public art exhibition with the theme of What’s Going on in Our World? There are two different types of 4-panel manga art (*Please see below in detail). Among artworks from all over the world, selected pieces will be exhibited and will travel in North and South America for the next couple of years starting from California State University, Chico (10/12/08-11/22/08). They will also be in an exhibition catalogue (and possible CD).

We are awfully sorry to give you such a short time with the due date of September 30 (arrived). We are looking forward to seeing your great artworks for the traveling exhibition.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Masami Toku (director, if you have any questions in this matter.

*The image above is an example of Category B, the world after 9/11 (using Picasso’s Guernica).

1. Theme: What’s Going on in Our (Youth) World?

We feel through media in our society that there are so many things going on in our world. For example, the issues might range from the personal, such as “Bullying in schools,” to a worldwide issue such as “Global Warming.” It also might be true that it is difficult for us to see what’s really going on because of the overwhelming amount of information and its manipulation by the media. What’s really going on in our (youth) world? Please express those issues as seen through your eyes with 4-panel manga art. There is no limitation on subjects, including your own personal life and/or worldwide things. They may be good and/or bad things. That’s fine with us (^_^)!!! Please express them.

2. Two categories of invited artwork: *Please choose one or both from the following categories.

Category A): 4-panel manga: Manga depicted in four panels (Ki - Introduction, Sho – Supporting image, Ten – Transitional image, and Ketsu – Conclusion). The particular themes will reflect issues in the youth world, including coming of age problems and desires. *This category A might be good for all age groups.
Category B): Same as the above, but you need to include one particular famous masterpiece from the art world (any artform) in the 4-panels by interpreting the artwork in your own way (*Please see examples.) *This category B might be good for elder age group such as high school students.

3. Materials (Paper size): A4 or B4 (257 mm X 364 mm) or similar sizes (US legal size 8.5" X 11" or 11” X 14” inches) . Either vertical or horizontal layout is okay. Also it is up to you how to divide the paper into 4-panels.

4. Languages: Basically either Japanese or English (if you would like to use other languages, please attach a brief explanation with the artwork).

5. The due date: September 30, 2008 (*the artworks and/or digitized images must reach us by then: ).

6. Procedure: Please send the following information with the artwork.

1) Name
2) Age (School grade)

3) Affiliation (e.g. school, manga club, and others)

*If you would like to apply for category B, please indicate the name of your selected masterpiece and the artist in your 4-panel manga art.

7. Sending address:

Dr. Masami Toku c/o MangaArt Project
Department of Art and Art History

California State University, Chico

Tel: 530-898-6866/Fax: 898-4171


* Basically, we are not planning to return the artworks. However, if you would like to us to return your artwork to you, we may be able to return it after the touring exhibition is completely over. Please let us know in advance if you would like yours back. We will discuss it with you. And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about this exhibition.

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