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Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009年美術教育クラス学年末其の2:Last Supper of Art493 (Section 1&2) Fall 2009

Art493 (Section 1&2): Development of Children's Art (P-8th G.)
Fall, 2009

"Last Supper"

*Click here to access the slide show of all images of the classes of Art493: Development of Children's Art (Fall, 2009) :今学期のArt493クラスの様子や学生の作品例はここをクリック!

*2009年秋学期:下記Art493 (Section 1) 各グループのグループレッスンプラン例

1. Group Lesson Plan Presentation (G1): Cobbler Clooney and the Art of Storytelling (for 1st & 2nd Grades)
2. Group LP Presentation (G2): Totem Pole Making (for 3rd & 4th G.)
3. Group LP Presentation (G3): Cubism Portrait (for 7th & 8th G.)
4. Group LP Presentation (G4): 3D Seasons Cube (for 3rd & 4th G.)
5. Group LP Presentation (G5): Hungry Caterpillars (for Kindergarten)
6. Group LP Presentation (G6): Proportions of the Face (for 5th & 6th G.)

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